How to measure your foot?

How to measure your foot?

How to measure your foot

It is essential, to know the basics of the sizes, to take the measurement of the foot length.

To take the measurement of your foot:

Put a sheet against the wall. Rest your heel against the same wall, so that the paper and the heel are on the same level. Mark vertically with a pencil the measurement of your longest finger. Compare it with the size chart



  • 34 - 22.5
  • 35 - 23
  • 36 - 23.5
  • 37 - 24
  • 38 - 24.5 < / li>
  • 39 - 25
  • 40 - 25.5
  • 41 - 26
  • 42 - 26.5


Consider that there are different types of foot

So you should consider the longest finger for measurement. And still, knowing your foot and recognizing your experiences, to know if you can wear pointed shoes or if it suits you with the rounder toe.

Now that you have your international size, compare the measurement of the inside of the shoe with the measurement of your foot. At least you must leave 0.5cm of space so that the shoe is comfortable if it is round toe. If it is punctual you must leave more.