Data - Where to sell used clothes

27 | 04 | 2020
Data - Where to sell used clothes

Friends, contribute knowledge in the comments .... Do you know more stores of this type?
What has been your experience?

I have ordered my closet very much, I have impecca clothes that fit me large or girl or that I have nothing to combine ... I will prepare a combination for September, but there is another that is not the case ... or large or small, with little or no use ... Places I know where you can leave the clothes physically to sell (and buy)

TIP 1. When taking photos that is daylight, with good light ... ideally in the morning .... that the real color of what they are selling is reflected in the photo

TIP 2. ... and do not go crazy taking apart the closet tooooodo…. the first 3/4/5 things they decide to sell upload them to the shot….

TIP 3. The photos they upload…. put the link in your profile ... or in the profile of some group of neighbors for example ... to give you more visibility ...

Physical stores to sell your used clothes

- Bendita Pilcha

Places to sell your used clothes online

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- Facebook MarketPlace

WELCOME MORE DATA IN THE COMMENTS ⬇️ (and these are data that you have provided so far ... if they publish more I upload them, so we have a consolidated place where, in addition to making us some money ... the most important thing! ... we turn the wheel of the economy)

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