UIN Shoes - The Plant

UIN Shoes - The Plant

Our Materials:

The inner silver of the shoe is high-tech: its material is from the Ortholite brand

The material is recycled. So it is friendly to the environment.

  • Ortholite is made from recycled polyurethane and rubber.
  • Proven to maintain 95% cushioning in first year of heavy use
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Its open pore structure creates a control system moisture keeping the fish dry and airy
  • Provides excellent resistance and breathability.
  • Has antimicrobial action
  • Its antimicrobial action provides optimal cushioning without adding weight to the shoe .

This together with an ergonomic last, which makes your foot move as if you were barefoot when walking, makes it an extremely comfortable shoe, to stand a lot, or go on a trip.