My 10 best recipes durint lockdown

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My 10 best recipes durint lockdown


Like all of them, I have tried and practiced a number of different types of recipes during these "confinement" days. Before I cooked very well and well. I'm getting practice back. I am adapting recipes because many times you do not have exactly what you have at home.

  1. I am sure it is not fattening !!!! ... that some nutritionist tells me ... To start before lunch, soup or vegetable stew. Depending on the amount of water with which they cook it ... I still have a wet guido to serve in a deep dish.
  2. In parallel you are cooking steamed beet leaves that we are going to make a beet pesto , beets or beets tell you in Mexico it seems to me. ............ While you are preparing the previous soup or stew and these vegetables are being steamed, you have already put aubergines in 2 ways in the preheated oven ... Here is the recipe for
  3. Pasticho or meatless aubergine lasagna
  4. Babaganoush that fascinates me, it is easy to make and I think it is super food .... here we have lunch .... and we say that delicious ... the lasagna was left ... hahaha ... and we started with the 3 recipes with flour ...
  5. My recipe for multi-seed wholemeal bread ... is modified from one I found on the Internet .. This is the exact copy of what I did ... of bread recipes, I tried several before these ... that went hard hard. Incomible. Until I came to this recipe for multi-seed wholemeal bread, which if I was left "wenísima" ... It can also be saved, frozen, previously cut into slices. Toasting at mealtime
  6. brisquette recipe ... tidying up the house, drawers, furniture .... cleaning the physical to clean the mental, I found interesting things that I didn't see years ago ... among them A party recipe magazine that I apparently bought in the United States had some of them marked with post it. I had never done them ... now I made this one of Brisquettes ,,, that you can replace the dehydrated fruits and seeds with the ones you have at home ... delicious, delicious, delicious!
  7. The carrot cake they taught me at school .... this is the one I have always done ... I still have my notebook ... it is full of remains of dough and stains from the different mixtures .... it is very rustic, with carrots grated very thick ...
  8. At this time after so long in the kitchen and while doing different things in the oven ... what better than to do something on your skin ..... I have some old and natural recipes to improve the skin (I feel that in these months, my skin fell to the ground with the feeling of not knowing where I was standing, of insecurity, or where we were going the first days ..., lack of sleep , I felt that I aged several years. I am recovering!)
  9. my recipe for mashed beets ... an incredible bright red color .... they will show off
  10. my invention from goul ash, one of the most requested in the house during the winter ... the special touch? ... lemon grass
    1. my recipe for homemade pate .... this one we do at home from time to time. also covered by orange marmalade, which die easily. You can change the percentages of meat to taste ... it always looks good!


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