Data - Multi-Seed Bread

Data - Multi-Seed Bread

I pass you the recipe of how to make multi-seed wholemeal bread, which we publish on Instagram and Facebook, so you can print it ...

As I mentioned, I did several previous tests of "hard bread", before this one came out well ... and it turned out perfect, so you can follow it with confidence.

It is very easy but slow, so leave after lunch to have your little bun for the afternoon

Ingredients and Preparation:
- 2 level tablespoons of dry yeast granules
- 2 level tablespoons of sugar Mix with lukewarm water .. and wait until it turns into foam, as 6/7 minutes

- 600 grms of Selected Multiseed flour ..
- Salt 2 level tablespoons (of soup)
- 1 Jet of oil (tablespoon and a half approx)
- Warm water ... to the eye. 300/400 ml chub ... I beat it with the mixer (the sticks like screws that come with the mixers)

I left 45 minutes leavening ... it grew

Decia, after kneading to get the air out ... I loved it a little because I was nervous that it would get hard (I don't eat any bread, warning😕)
Again to rise 40/50 minutes
⏰ 40 minutes, oven at 180º (previously heated)

I put it in a mold (that's how I did it, thinking that it could scatter me) or you shape it like the one in the photo

TIPS ⬇️ 😋
Now that's it. If they do ... count it up. and if someone wants, ask me for the videos 🎬that I sent to my sister to verify that things were going well 🥁

Fact 1: the flour was sifted so I left part of the oatmeal outside. Add, plus chia, oats, flaxseeds, sunflower seeds to the eye (approx 1/2 cup) or they can add other seeds that have ... or nothing ... they can add even herbs if they want, like rosemary, thyme or the like.

Data 2: once cold, I sliced it, plastic bag and freezer ... then I took a slice and to the toaster ... with olive and tomato it is very good

Fact 3: I put the oil in the lukewarm water with which I make the dough.

Data 4: I used an electric oven (they tell me it is a different electric or gas oven)

This recipe is similar to bread as usual. They are made for me by my sister who lives in ConCon ( @permavida @ maquimona.fermento ) and here I freeze them. She does it with nothing, nothing, no added fat. The bread is spectacular, the necessary fat comes from the combination of seeds that it uses.

Well I made mine with a multi-seed flour from the Selecta that they sell in the supermarket ... (I ordered it with home delivery among other things)

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